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What is a Garden Gym Room?

A garden gym is a structure, typically made mostly from wooden panels, built in your garden that provides you with an opportunity to get fit and stay healthy. The room can include typical exercise equipment like weight benches, barbells, dumbbells, kettle bells and running machines. It’s also great for fitness programs like pilates and yoga. By making this space available to yourself at home, you will be more likely to work out regularly because it will always be there waiting for you when the time comes!

What are the benefits of using a garden gym?

With the rising cost of living, many people are turning to home gym equipment for an affordable way to stay in shape. One great option is a garden gym room. A garden gym room is essentially a space that can be built or converted into your very own private exercise area outside of your house.

Why Build a Garden Gym Room?

Garden gyms are becoming popular because they provide an alternative form of physical fitness without having to go somewhere else – all you need is some free time and the will power to work out at home. By using your own garden as an extension of your workout area, you’ll have unlimited access to workout equipment, whenever suits your schedule.

Different types of equipment to use in your garden gym

The importance of physical fitness is often overlooked in the everyday life. However, it’s important to maintain good physical health and mental wellbeing for yourself and your family. The garden gym can be a way to get exercise while working on projects that will reap benefits in the future. There are many different types of equipment you can use in your garden gym; here are some examples:

A small bench press might be used for lifting weights or other items around the house. It could also be used as extra seating when necessary or even as an anchor point for more intense exercises like pull ups

A stationary bike provides low impact aerobic exercise which is perfect if you’re looking to burn calories without stressing your joints too much

A rowing machine, which are great for full body muscle exercises, and require very little floor space

How much space do you need for a garden gym?

Space doesn’t seem to be an issue when we go to the gym. If you’re lucky enough to have a big garden with plenty of grassy area then by all means enjoy the benefits of having your own little workout arena. However, if you don’t have that luxury and would rather save money on monthly fees at the local fitness club, here are some ideas on how much space is needed for a typical garden gym:

A 5m x 4m space is optimal for most garden gyms, providing enough room to work out efficiently with some extra breathing room.

garden gym equipment

Questions you should ask yourself before starting this project

There are many benefits to building a garden gym room at your home. A few of these include, but are not limited to: increased fitness, reduced stress levels, and better health. There are a few questions you should ask yourself before embarking on a garden build project.

What is your budget?

Do some research and get an idea of what a garden room could cost, based on the size you require.

What size do you want it to be?

Think about the equipment you may use, air space in the room.

How much time will you spend in the area every day?

The more often you plan on using it means that you should pay attention to detail when designing the space. It also means that materials would need to be higher quality so they last longer.

Do you want to build one for your own use and maybe even offer it as an extra service for your customers?

What does my garden look like now and what do I want it to look like after the construction of the outside workout area?

How much time am I willing to spend on maintaining this type of space every day? Who will maintain this?

Do I want one large room or multiple small rooms for different activities like cardio and weightlifting equipment?

Am I willing to compromise style for function when designing my new home gym?

Am I able to purchase all of the materials myself or will it require hiring?

When it comes to building your garden gym, you want a company with experience and expertise in the industry. Croft Garden Rooms has been designing and constructing outdoor rooms for many years and we know what is needed to make sure your space is perfect. We can help you choose from our wide selection of design options or work one-on-one with you on creating something custom just for you. If this sounds like the right choice for you, get in touch today with any questions or concerns that might come up throughout the process so that we may address them before they become an issue!

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