Garden Rooms in Walton-on-Thames | Our Garden Room Builders Discuss Man Caves and She Sheds

Our steel-framed garden buildings are used for many applications, such as home spas, gyms, entertainment areas, and bespoke garden offices. As part of our professional garden room designs, Croft Garden Rooms can also create the ultimate man caves and she sheds for our Walton-on-Thames clients. Our garden room builders have plenty of online images demonstrating just how diverse our creations can be. And don’t forget to read through our testimonials to find out how some of our previous clients are enjoying their newly created garden rooms.

Man Caves vs She Sheds

Man caves are not a new concept. The idea was conceived for men who wanted a break from the household and daily life in general. Gone are the days when they escaped to the shed for peace. Instead of being surrounded by tools and gardening equipment, the man cave idea has developed dramatically. With our steel-framed garden buildings, our Walton-on-Thames clients can:

  • Create a haven in which to relax and switch off

  • Spend time watching favourite programmes in peace

  • Display prized collections that won’t take over the house

  • Partake in personal hobbies and interests

And don’t forget that our bespoke creations make perfect garden offices for couples who are both working from home.

She sheds are now just as popular as women deserve the right to have their own garden rooms designed especially for them by professional garden room builders. Croft Garden Rooms can do just that for our clients looking for private retreats away from busy households and noisy distractions. She sheds are a home away from home where our female clients can:

  • Step away from the busy household to enjoy the temporary silence

  • Indulge in self-care, whether quietly reading or enjoying a mini spa day

  • Boost creativity with artistic endeavours surrounded by inspiration

  • Create a meditation room or space to practice yoga

One thing Croft Garden Rooms’ man caves and she sheds have in common is that they are perfect for entertaining friends and family. Whether that’s a boy’s night in or a girl’s night out in Walton-on-Thames, our garden room builders can install bar facilities for cocktail evenings and whiskey tastings. The sky is the limit with our garden room designs.

Talk to us today for more information about these steel-framed garden buildings and how we can transform them into man caves, she sheds, garden offices, and so much more.

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