Croft Garden Room Services

Garden Room Design

We understand how to build garden rooms. Our expert team have a wealth of experience of building all manner of rooms for our clients, all across Surrey, Kent and South London.

We will sit with you to discuss your project, what you want your garden room to achieve and what it will be used for, and any special requirements you are looking for.

We will discuss the look, the size and the materials to be used. Will you need mains supply, water, waste. We can design the electrical layout, where you require sockets to be, what lighting you require. We can do a site visit to decide the best location within your garden to situate the new garden room.

We will also discuss and project manage any planning permission, if it is required.

Garden Room Planning

Once we have discussed your garden room project, it is time to plan it out so you can visualise the finished product.

We use plenty of double glazing within our garden room buildings to take the best advantage of it’s location within your garden area. Using reinforced glass allows for full insulation so you can make full use of your garden room all year round. Glass gives you natural light all around the room and opening windows and folding doors allow for fresh air when the weather allows it. Overhanging roofing can protect the veranda area.

Garden Room Build

Once the build gets under way, we take care of everything.

Your garden room will require a solid base to stand on. Croft Garden Rooms will cover all the groundworks and install any pipework required to supply the facilities and amenities for your project.

Once the base in completed, the steel framework will be assembled and your garden room will start to take shape.

With the framework in place, the panels will be installed, the glazing secured and all the insulation and sealing will be completed.

Your appointed project manager will be there every step of the way, keeping you up to date with progress, deadlines and timelines.

Create your bespoke dream space, just as you want it.

Have your garden brought to life with a design and home measure appointment with one of our experienced project managers. It is here your dreams and ideas are brought to life.

Increase your space without having to move home.

Why go through the trouble of moving or building upwards when you have the space to increase your living at ground level. Increase the size of your downstairs by giving you extra, usable space in the garden.

Built with products that last & constructed with precision

Croft Garden Rooms use the latest technology in pre-fabricated materials to ensure your Garden Room not only looks amazing, but is built to last just as your home was during construction.

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