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Garden Office

A garden office is the ideal solution when working from home. Instead of working on the kitchen table, or from a laptop on the sofa, imagine having your own bespoke garden office, configured and tailored to your own requirements.

Remote work used to be a thing that existed only inside our imagination. Now it is part of our reality. Perhaps, many homeowners are still struggling to separate work and family life. That’s where garden office building solutions come into play. With Croft Garden Rooms in Surrey, you’ll have what it takes to elevate your work from home experience to a higher level.

The interesting part is that a bespoke garden room can be used in so many other contexts. Based on our experiences, garden office designs can be tailored to suit diverse occupations. Interestingly, a simple look into our affordable garden office building portfolio will get you started on choosing the best match for your particular needs.

Benefits of Building A Garden Office In Your Home

Sometimes, all you need to concentrate when working from home is a quiet, comfortable space, full of natural light.

Juggling work and family life  can be a strain when everyone is at home. There is noise, distraction, and the occasional pang of guilt.

Having your own garden office can provide the ideal answer. Using garden space otherwise wasted and unusable makes perfect sense, and allows you to keep your work life totally separate from your home. And your commute is much shorter! There is a chance you have your own ideas about the benefits of building a garden office in your home. However, here are the most common benefits you’ll experience if you invest in our garden room building solutions.

Making Good First Impressions – If you are the type that is regularly engaging in video calls with teammates or clients, the first impressions about your workspace background often tells a lot about you. Perhaps, you don’t want to give a bad impression about your workspace at home. In other words, improving your workspace at home will increase the goodness of your perceived professionalism.

Separate Work And Family Life – Have you ever experienced an office distraction from sources, not within your control? Think about your colleagues for a while. The same thing can happen in your home as well. From here, you can see how separating your work and family life will help to eliminate distractions. This form of separation is another benefit of building a garden office in your home.

Increased Productivity – Regardless of how you measure it, most of us are usually looking for ways to improve productivity at work. Unfortunately, family-related distractions could be a barrier to personal productivity.
The point here is that increased productivity can be an outcome of using a garden office at home. Now think about the difference that year-round use of a garden office could make in your productivity.

Avoid Commuting Headaches – Imagine waking up in the morning and getting into your workspace without spending one minute in the name of commuting to your workplace. Here is another benefit of building an insulated garden office in your home. Haven’t you heard that time is money?

Why Choose Croft Garden Rooms?

  • We have built a track record in South London, Kent, Surrey, and other areas
  • We have specialist experts to deliver diverse garden office designs
  • Fast, on-site garden room installation within budget and schedule
  • Responsive expert support before, during, and after service
  • Dependable guarantee you can count on

Croft Garden Rooms offer a full design and build service with your requirements firmly at the forefront. No matter how large or small your garden room needs to be, we can build a structure ideally suited to you.

Our garden rooms are fully insulated, can be centrally heated, and usually contain double-glazed doors and windows to allow natural light to flood the entire area for a healthy working environment for you.

A Garden Office Designed And Built Around You

All of our clients require something different, and at Croft Garden Rooms, we pride ourselves on delivering quality and satisfaction.

Our clients mainly span Surrey, Kent and South London, and we have many positive reviews from previous happy customers.

The structures we build are designed to sit aesthetically within your garden without detracting from everything else, whilst providing you with a secure building from which to work.

Let Us Build Your Garden Office

Get in touch with us today to discuss your garden office project and become another one of our satisfied clients.

Our experts are waiting for your call to design, plan and create your beautiful new workspace built to your unique and bespoke specifications.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a garden office cost?

There is no defined cost for a garden office, as such, as each building is designed around you. The cost of a garden office can start from around £5000 depending on the size of it, and the utilities provided. As a rough guide, you could be looking at around £1000 per square metre. As many of our garden rooms are bespoke, costs have been between £10000 – £20000 as an average.

Do you need planning permission for a garden office?

The majority of garden offices are considered to be permitted development, meaning that you do NOT require planning permission. There are a few caveats to that, depending on the distance to the property boundary, and the height of the building. If you intend to have sleeping accomodation in the building, this will be different.

Do garden offices add value to house?

Absolutely! Room space is an asset, and homeowners are always looking to increase square footage. With many people working from home, an office in the garden adds real value to the homeowner, which inevitably adds benefit to a buyer. We estimate that a garden office can add approximately 5-10% to the value of your property.

Is a garden office tax deductible?

The building itself isn’t tax detuctible, but there are allowances you can apply for that relate to working from home.

Can you put a toilet in a garden office?

Yes you can. As each garden building is bespoke, some clients want running water and sanitary utilities, so adding a toilet and wash basin is absolutely possible.

Create your bespoke dream space, just as you want it.

Have your garden brought to life with a design and home measure appointment with one of our experienced project managers. It is here your dreams and ideas are brought to life.

Increase your space without having to move home.

Why go through the trouble of moving or building upwards when you have the space to increase your living at ground level. Increase the size of your downstairs by giving you extra, usable space in the garden.

Built with products that last & constructed with precision

Croft Garden Rooms use the latest technology in pre-fabricated materials to ensure your Garden Room not only looks amazing, but is built to last just as your home was during construction.

Trying to decide how to use your space?

See something you love?

Take a look over the different styles of room your garage can be created into. Let the ideas capture your mind to decide how your space will be used.

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Book your appointment.

By booking your appointment, it means you are one step closer to your new living space. One of our project managers will visit your home to design and discuss.

Begin your build!

With everything designed and your new space being everything you want it to be, the conversion begins. From start to finish Croft will ensure your construction runs correctly.

A few room ideas for you


Giving your home another sleeping area for guests or your growing family.


Relax in a larger lounge when added to area or give your home a second place to relax


Make your kitchen the centre piece of the home for all the family to enjoy

Home Office

Giving your home another sleeping area for guests or your growing family.

Home Gym

Replace your empty space with the energy of a health and fitness studio

Play Room

Give the kids a place where all their toys and expression can be unleashed

Music Room

Express yourself, you way in your own music room. In your own home

Dining Room

Extend your ground floor by creating extra space to have room for a dining area


Every wanted that bigger bathroom but no room upstairs. Create yours today

Treatment Room

Make your space a place where others can go to feel rested, relaxed and pampered

See anything you like?

Still deciding?

Let one of our team help you decide on how to best use your garage space.

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