Garden Offices in Guildford | Our Garden Room Design Team Discuss Our Solutions for Working From Home

Croft Garden Rooms construct garden offices for our Guildford clients that make working from home a lot easier. As part of our garden room services, these steel-framed garden buildings are created specifically by our garden room builders to suit your needs, with all the facilities you require to make working from home a more pleasant experience. Why not check out our gallery to see just what we can achieve with our garden room designs?

If you’ve never worked from home before, it can initially cause concerns. How productive do you think you can be away from the office environment? What about interruptions? The most important thing to do is set a precedent with your family – your working environment should be treated as if you were at the office. However, trying to maintain this while remaining at the kitchen table or the corner of the bedroom is probably not going to work.

Why Our Garden Offices Make Sense

The steel-framed garden buildings we construct for our clients in Guildford are the perfect answer for people working from home. They provide privacy for you whilst allowing the rest of the family to enjoy home life without having to stay quiet. Croft Garden Rooms’ builders will work closely with you to ensure you have all the necessary facilities, including adequate sockets and charging stations. It’s all part of our professional garden room designs.

Our garden offices also offer the following benefits:

  • High-quality insulation means you can work comfortably all year round

  • You won’t have to keep returning to your house as we install kitchenettes and bathrooms

  • Our garden room designs can incorporate several office areas if more than one of you is working from home

  • Working in a more natural environment has a positive effect on mental health

  • The professional work carried out by our garden room builders will definitely add value to your Guildford property

A Positive Attitude Towards Work

For those currently working at home, do you find it difficult to switch off mentally at the end of the day? Are you constantly thinking of work because your laptop or paperwork is always in your line of sight? With our steel-framed garden buildings specially constructed as garden offices for our Guildford clients, it’s easier to close the door at the end of the day and ‘commute’ back up the garden to your home. No matter how short the walk might be, you’re mentally stepping away from your job.

For more information about our garden room designs, talk to our professional garden room builders on the number below and find out how much our creations can benefit your home life.

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